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Choosing a UV Lamp

Low-Pressure UV Systems are the Answer to Recreational Water Illnesses

Bio-Security Through Science

Establishing a bio-secure swimming facility begins at the pool design stage. Break-through research in the past few years establishes Low-Pressure UV Systems as the proven solution to harmful waterborne pathogen problems and irritating chloramines. Additionally, Low-Pressure UV Systems reduce free-Chlorine usage.

The United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends supplementary in-line disinfection (e.g. UV Treatment) to inactivate cryptosporidium spp. and improve water quality.

UV Lamp Diversity

UV Lamps

SafeGUARD UV models utilize Low-Pressure UV Lamps in either
High-Output or Amalgam styles. All SafeGUARD UV models are outfitted with the style that delivers the highest UV output performance at the most reasonable cost of ownership. Compare Low-Pressure UV Lamps to Medium-Pressure UV Lamps.

Low-Pressure High-Output UV Lamps

Our Low-Pressure, High-Output (LPHO) UV lamps feature chemically treated hard-quartz, non-ozone emitting "L Glass" offering an exceptional 9,000 hours of continual operation while retaining >80% efficiency. Best suited for low to moderate-flow applications.
Amalgam UV Lamp

SafeGUARD UV Sterilizers
SafeGUARD CLP Series UV Sterilizers
SafeGUARD CLS Series UV Sterilizers

Low-Pressure (High-Intensity) Amalgam UV Lamps

Our Low-Pressure Amalgam UV lamps deliver significantly higher UV-C output than our LPHO lamps requiring fewer lamps to deliver an equivalent UV dose. These lamps feature chemically treated hard quartz, non-ozone emitting "L Glass" that increases operation performance, and useful life (>80% efficiency after 9,000 hours of continual operation). Best suited for moderate to high-flow applications.

SafeGUARD UV Sterilizers
SafeGUARD CLP Series UV Sterilizers
SafeGUARD CLS Series UV Sterilizers

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