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YMCA Spring Valley Branch  |  YMCA Ambler Branch

YMCA Spring Valley Branch

Spring Valley YMCA

"Since the installation of the Emperor Aquatics, Inc. UV Systems at our facility, our chlorine usage has been reduced by one-third and chloramines are virtually non-existent. In combination with polymer clarifiers our water quality and clarity is exceptional since the clarifier allows the UV system to perform at maximum capability. We have had nothing but positive comments from our membership, which, in our branch, totals about 20,000.

In previous years we had cryptosporidium outbreaks, but with the installation of the UV systems, the polymer clarifiers and the awareness of our members, we have had no problems at all this past season in our outdoor, as well as, our indoor pools, which are open year round.

Last season's cost of ownership (electrical cost + lamp & quartz sleeve gasket replacement) for the two indoor pools and one whirlpool UV system was $3,808. The cost-savings received from a reduction in Chlorine usage as a result of using these three UV systems totaled $3,288. By subtracting the reduced chlorine usage,
"cost-savings", from the annual cost of ownership for these three UV systems, we determined that our actual
cost of ownership averages $43 per month.

Duane Moses
Property Director
Spring Valley Branch YMCA

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YMCA Ambler Branch

Ambler YMCA pool 1

"I am pleased to recommend Emperor Aquatic, Inc. Safeguard UV systems. In addition to helping to maintain our swim-facilities’ air-quality, our Safeguard UV systems protect our swim-members and staff against dangerous RWI’s, and limit our chlorine usage."

Scott Lewis
Sr. Group Vice President
Ambler Area YMCA

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SafeGUARD UV Sterilizers
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