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UV Sterilizers

PLC Controller/Monitor

PLC Controller/Monitor

SafeGUARD UV Corrosion Proof, Watertight Power Enclosures

Both SafeGUARD UV CLP and CLS Series feature power enclosures constructed from high-impact thermoplastic for increased weather and corrosion resistance. Rated at a NEMA 4X and 508A UL listed, our power enclosures protect all electrical hardware from wet operating conditions.

Our state-of-the-art electronic ballasts deliver more dependable operation, as opposed to more expensive, more complicated ballasts required by polychromatic UV lamps. Our ballast(s) deliver precise input power to the lamp, resulting in peak UV output and useful lamp life performance.

SafeGUARD UV PLC (Programmable Logic Control) Controller/Monitor

All SafeGUARD UV models feature our user-friendly, microprocessor-based controller/monitor. This sophisticated instrumentation features a menu-driven digital interface with touchpad controls for easy
command initiation.

PLC Controller/Monitor features include: Individual lamp status digital display, operating voltage, low/high voltage set-point protection, % UV intensity, standard-output relay to be used with an external alarm, water temperature display with over-temperature alarm/shut-down and optional RS232 or Ethernet interface.

SafeGUARD UV Sterilizers
SafeGUARD CLP Series UV Sterilizers
SafeGUARD CLS Series UV Sterilizers

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