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Two Decades of Delivering Bio-Security!

Emperor Aquatics, Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality uv sterilization equipment. Incorporated in 1990, 2010 marks the company's twentieth anniversary. The company's administrative and manufacturing facility is located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

In 1992 the company developed the first watertight, UL listed Ultraviolet Sterilizer line suited for outdoor, as well as, wet applications. Since 1992, the company has worked hard to establish an unmatched reputation as the leading provider of substantiated technical support for UV disinfection.

Emperor Aquatics, Inc. has a strong commitment to customer education, believing that an educated consumer can make a sound purchase, which leads to customer satisfaction! In fact, the firm's objectives are, and have always been, to provide their customer with the highest quality equipment and technical support—striving to provide the most accurate and factual information possible about our products and our industry.

Emperor Aquatics, Inc. has also built its strong reputation through custom component fabrication. We can build a customized filtration system for any application!

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