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The First and Only Plastic UV System to be certified by the NSF

Chloramines are harmful to your swim-members and staff. Eliminate Chloramines and save money by reducing your Chlorine usage with one solution! Using low-pressure UV light technology, SafeGUARD UV Systems are proven to inactivate chloramines and cryptosporidium while reducing Chlorine usage
by greater than 30%.

Read more about our CLP Series and our CLS Series SafeGUARD UV Systems.

Bio-Security Through Science

Two Decades of Delivering Bio-Security!

Emperor Aquatics, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes reliable, cost-effective UV sterilizer systems. Our operator-friendly SafeGUARD UV Systems are easily retro-fitted into existing filtering loops. Customization is available for new
construction applications.

SafeGUARD UV Systems provide your facility with:

  1. Instant Protection against Cryptosporidium and other
    Harmful Waterborne Pathogens
  2. Effective Chloramines Removal
  3. Stable free-Chlorine Levels
  4. Reduced free-Chlorine usage by as much as 30%
SafeGUARD UV Systems

   Featured Article on UV Lamp Technologies in the Pool and Aquatics Industries

Medium Pressure UV Lamp Article

Medium-Pressure UV Lamp Article and Emperor Aquatics, Inc.'s Rebuttal

Are all UV System Information Providers created equal? Based on our research and 20+ years of experience working with UV in various aquatic industries, we find the statements in the May 2010 Aquatics International “Pressure Situation” article, written by Ron George of ETS to be unsubstantiated and misleading...
View the full UV Lamp Technology Article and Rebuttal here.

Article by Ron George of Engineered Treatment Systems, LLC (ETS) as published by Aquatics International.
Rebuttal Article by Dan Dycha of Emperor Aquatics, Inc. on June 10th 2010

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UV Disinfection

The Role of UV Disinfection for Aquatic Applications

While UV has been used for the treatment and disinfection of water for decades by many municipal as well as commercial entities, it has only been the past few years that the technology has been embraced by the pool and spa industry in the U.S. By now most people are familiar with the term "UV", and understand that a UV system can disinfect water, but typically, that is where the understanding ends. Fortunately the basic principle is fairly simple and you don't need to be an alchemist to say:
"I get it now"... View Full Article

Article by Dan Dycha as published in Northeast Spa & Pool Association's The Edge magazine.

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